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September 1st, 2014, 1:58 pm

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It's MY education, damnit!
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Author's Comments:

Reply Leafy Savanna Chan, September 1st, 2014, 2:08 pm

Kyle's very serious when it comes to money. His family's living situation is completely different from Robert's…in pretty much every way. :/

Hope that my US readers have had a nice Labor Day [weekend]! I went home on Friday and I'll be heading back to school in about an hour, and I know it was a lot of fun~ ^^
So this comic officially started September 30th last year. I'd like to do something for its anniversary, so I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions! The 30th is on a Tuesday this year, so I could either post something that day or wait until that weekend to do some kind of request stream or something. owo Unfortunately it's pretty much impossible to do anything on school days except Fridays because of how my classes are scheduled. (My only class on Friday ends at 10:30 am, hee~)
Anyway, just put down some suggestions! If it's going to be just a picture or a short PMV or something, then I'd like to get started this coming weekend, but if I'm doing a stream of some sort, I'll get started on making sure it'll work and I'll have time. ^^

Have a nice week!! <3

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User's Comments:

Reply Quadrant, September 1st, 2014, 3:10 pm

Anniversary coming up? A year already. Could have the characters enjoying a cake, and puzzled at what the anniversary is for. I'm sure other readers might have a better idea.

Bit abrupt and rude from Kyle. I know he doesn't want to put a burden on others but there wasn't really need for that. Seems like something else bothering him. There's always an alternative. There'll be a way for him to pay for College, I'm sure.

Reply snow crystal, September 3rd, 2014, 9:24 am

Oh Kyle, sweety, no need to get so desperate... I really like him more with every single page. I'll end up totally being in love with him. (Thinking about it, he probably is my type... >.> )
I can understand him. Really, I can. I feel totally bad about having to accept money from my parents and grandparents to pay for my studies, but truth is, it's just way too expensive for me to cover alone otherways, and I wanted to learn what I am learning now my whole life long, so I had to set priorities. Besides that, Kyle's family situation is totally different from mine, again, and I think I can understand him even more. Besides the feeling of wanting to be able to do things ALONE, to get your own life under control for YOURSELF, I think he really doesn't want to be a burden to his family, deep down always feeling bad about being a burden as it is even though he really isn't one.

About the anniversary - SERIOUSLY?! It's already been a whole year?! Where the hell did the time dissappear to?! Daaaamn... O.O
About doing something - with streams it's always the thing with time differences... if I actually go to sleep like I should do at night, I almost never can participate in that. Which would be sad :/ ( oh but, glad to hear about your friday scedule, that sounds really great! :) )
I think I'd maybe like a short extra comic, one page only, with about six or so panels, about Kyle waking up to find a suspicious present beside him, and being REAL wary about it, until in the end, he cautiously opens it and we can see his smile :) His genuine smile, I love that smile. And then just the words "Happy anniversary" at the bottom of the page :) We don't have to see whats in the box, the important lies on Kyle's smile :)
... thinking about it, it would be fun to do that same thing with Robert and how he is way less wary, just surprised and happy, and with him the last panel would probably be him jumping out of bed and calling for his parents to share his happiness ^^

... Yeeeaaaaahhh... I like fluffy stuff ^^

BUT if you don't want to go with such a short comic, I'm totally in for Quadrant's idea, I think it's a really nice one :)

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