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January 13th, 2014, 5:56 pm

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And now it's time to sleep--goddamnit bell, I needed the rest! >:(
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Author's Comments:

Reply Leafy Savanna Chan, January 13th, 2014, 6:08 pm

Transition page is transitiony. I'm looking forward to the next few pages ahhh~~

No real comments about this page, but I have something else to say.
I was working on the script a few weeks ago and was a little discouraged by the pacing in future chapters. Because I'm a sisgendered homosexual-panromantic female who hasn't been in a relationship for three years, I must confess (somewhat ironically and reluctantly) that I know very little on the subject of boys and romantic relationships. So I have some questions.
1. What do guys do for fun? I know my brothers like video games, hiking, pingpong and other sports, and watching football/basketball. What do more introverted guys do?
2. How quickly do romantic relationships become a thing? Like, a few weeks, a few months? As in, what is an amount of time that doesn't seem too rushed, especially for people who haven't been in that kind of relationship for a long time?
3. How soon after starting to date do people start to get physical? (In reference to the tail end of the question above.)

Those are the only questions I have for now. If you have answers, that's great, because I want to try to make this (semi) realistic for the situations presented.

Also, I'll be changing up the summary at some point this week. There are a few warnings I need to post that I realised too late I should've had at the beginning. Like profanity.

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User's Comments:

Reply doireallyhave2, January 13th, 2014, 9:57 pm

@Leafy Savanna Chan: I have seen relationships happen in a day, and over weeks. some people just feel it before others or differently. I think in high school a lot of relationships move towards physical pretty quickly these days, but not all. Again it all depends on the character of the person and their beliefs

Reply snow crystal, January 14th, 2014, 4:34 am

@Leafy Savanna Chan: Well, guys do for fun what girls do for fun - they do whatever is their hobby :O I have met guys who like drawing, so they draw for fun, besides maybe reading comic books or going to the cinema to watch some movie or something. I have met guys who like music, so they play guitar and listen to music for fun and go to a concert or something (and most of them like to comment on all the music they hear...). I've met other guys who like politics, so they watch the news for fun and sepnd their time debating about whether or not certain descicions were clever, write political texts and like to comment on everything (since eveyrthing is connected to politics in their eyes) most of the time. I've met guys who like swimming and cooking, so then they swim and cook, meet friends and listen to their favourite songs... spend their time surfing on the internet... occassionally read a book... or whatever comes to mind. Seriously, I don't think there's an overall-thing all guys do for fun or something. There isn't one for girls for SURE.

With realtionships - well, I'm not very, if not to say not in the least experienced with that myself, but I have sisters and friends and am generally a good enough observer to notice all the small things; So I can tell you what I observed over the years.
I think doireallyhave2 is right about the time thing, that's what I thought instantly, too. I think it depends on many factors how quickly a relationship developes - how old the characters are, what past experiences they have made, if they are simply the type to blindly dive into new adventures without thinking about the risks and what situation they met in, etc.. The type of relationship I enjoy the most to observe, though, are those that seem sincere, which are NOT the ones that developed within a few days or even hours. Perhaps that's mostly because I know it would take sort of a miracle to make me get into such a thing that quickly. I certainly am not the type to start things without thinking of possible consequences. So, I like it when a relationship takes time to develope, and you can notice on all the small signs along the way; how they slowly, slowly change little habits that the other doesn't like or that don't favor the other or something. How they start seriously thinking about the other - you usually don't do that from one day to another. How they unconciously start to look for the other, and notice things about them more and more, like what they like to eat, where they like to go, typical phrases of them, the way they walk or something. That is the phase AFTER they got to know each other, and they first time they actually start seriously thinking, though still unconciously. After that comes the time when they suddenly notice they miss the other when they're gone or could recognize them immidiately even from miles away just by the way they walk or something. That's the point when they know they've taken a liking to them, and usually a person doesn't find that to be a reason for celebrating, since it's very very hard to let someone seriously get so close to your heart that they could satisfy that craving, and this usually happens in a phase where you're not certain about the other person because you know them too little to judge if they would want something ike that too, and even if, if it could work out at all.
Well, those are just two steps of developing into a relationship, and for me, it would already take a few weeks to come that far, I think. After that comes usually the phase of careful approximation (is that the right word...?) to the other, and that can be funny and embarrassing, depending on the character of the person. It's usually somewhere in this phase that they start to actually go out, and they still don't really know each other then. They have a lot to learn about each other, and that's interesting to watch, because in the beginning, they are usually still very careful with and around each other, until they start to get to know each other better and gradually grow more secure. By the end of that phase, my sister and her boyfriend were talking constantly, either directly, over the phone or chatting via internet or whatsapp... and whenever I found them talking, they were arguing about something. I could never really understand that, it would stress me out to constantly argue with my partner, but thinking back on it, it was probably a good sign since they felt so secure around each other.
Well. But that's just my observations and/or personal opinions ;)

As to getting physical, I think it depends as well. Depends on how exat your expectations of the relationship are, what you want out of it, how old you are, what past experiences you've made, where you are, how much time you spend together etc., etc. ... it also depends on how important sex is in your opinion. So I really don't know that. I have friends which whom it developed pretty quickly into something physical, but usually the relationship didn't last very long after that. I don't know if that's the avarage, though, I think it depends on various factors as well.

PHEW. So. I'm looking forward to the next pages, too!! ;)

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